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What are the different USES of wires and cables

    After so many years of development, baishang cable wire and cable types are very complete.First of all on the wire and cable material, there are copper wire aluminum wire.In some countryside, the rural electric compared to cities relatively less, so a lot of home installation are aluminium wire, compared with copper wire, because the material difference is not large, electricity efficiency a little on a little bit lower, but the prices are different because the material price will benefit many, so many are installed this line in the countryside.Baishang cable and some special working environment wire and cable performance is not the same, of course, this difference is a lot of plastic outside the difference.In some high temperature environment, the general working temperature is about 60 degrees, in such a high temperature, general electric wires are inherit, so the merchant cable high temperature wire and cable is showing its advantages, the wire skin use high temperature resistant material, can ensure that still keep normal work under the environment of high temperature for a long time.


    Different wires and cables have different advantages, in the right choice can play the greatest role, such as corrosion resistant wire if placed in high temperature, then its role is completely unable to show.Baishang cable has a full range of wire and cable, can meet different needs, more importantly, there is a special guide to help consumers to buy the most suitable for their own.