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What is the national standard of electric wire and cable?

    Irradiated crosslinked power cable, voltage class: 0.6/1kV;Implementation standard: GB/T12706.1-2002.Irradiation crosslinked cable USES high-energy rays to bombish the hydrogen atoms in its molecular chain to discharge, so there are gaps in the molecular chain, forming a network of large molecular three-dimensional structure to form crosslinked polyethylene.


    Medium voltage crosslinked polyethylene insulated power cable, voltage grade: 6/6KV-26/35kV;Implementation standard: GB/T12706.2-2002.The mechanical properties, thermal aging properties and environmental stress ability of the medium-pressure crosslinked polyb cable are improved to a great extent by using the all-dry chemical crosslinking method.


    High voltage crosslinked polyethylene insulated power cable, voltage class: 64/110kV, implementation standard: GB/T 11017;127/220 kv and including 290/500 kv.XLPE cable has excellent gas performance, less dielectric loss than paper insulation and PVC insulation, and less capacitance of XLPE cable;


    Control cable, implementation standard: GB9330-88;Voltage class: 450/750V.The product adopts polyvinyl chloride or irradiated crosslinked polyethylene as insulation layer, which has excellent conductive, mechanical and chemical stability properties. It is suitable for control with rated voltage up to and including 0.6/1kV and protective circuit.


    Computer cable, voltage class: 0.45/0.75kV, standard.This product is used for the shielded cable connecting the computer, detection instrument and control system instrument with rated AC voltage of 300/500 and below, and is used for the analog data transmission with high anti-interference performance.


    Article source: Baidu know